High speed door kits ISO-SL

As with the roller shutter door “standard” system, the components of the “high-speed door ISO-SL” system form a sophisticated system that is designed, above all, with the higher performance and requirements of high-speed doors with respect to drive and control - here with our patented roller shutter profile ISO-SL.

High Speed Roller Shutter Door Kits ISO-SL

The significantly reduced opening times of the high speed roller shutter doors not only ensure optimal operational processes, but also reduce heat losses through doors standing open.

A powerful microprocessor with inverter is available, providing smooth acceleration and soft braking to protect the materials as the door opens and closes. This allows the average opening speed to be increased up to 0.8 m/s, depending on the door height.

Roller shutter door kits - everything from one source.
Made to order, certified according to DIN EN 13241-1.

The high speed roller shutter door with profile ISO-SL in action:

Product details

  • Roller shutter with our insulated PU-filled profile ISO-SL
  • thermal transmission coefficient (steel) Ust = 2.5 W/(m²*K)
  • inside:
    hard/soft PVC slat with special soft PVC strips
  • outside:
    aluminium, material thickness 1.00 mm or 1.25 mm


Scope of delivery:

  • pre-assembled roller shutter with the profile ISO-SL
  • completely finished tube
  • 2 standard brackets
  • 1 bearing
  • galvanised guide rail with PVC strips
  • GfA direct mount drive with digital top switch
    and integrated frequency converter
  • impulse control with connection cable
    and CEE plug
  • head seal
  • roller shutter wound on tube
  • wrapping (board)
  • optical safety edge package and
    reflection photocell
max. size of roller shutter at wind class 3 1,00  1,25
aluminium  B 4.500 x H 5.500 mm  B 6.000 x H 6.000 mm