1560 window

1560 window
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1560 is a profile for single wall roller doors, which as a result of the covering width of 100 mm and its smooth appearance resembles the tried-and-tested 100 D roller door profile.

Thanks to its large perforations, it achieves light permeability of 42% as a window and grille section, and is a popular choice for protecting objects such as shop window facades due to good transparency and protection.


number of slats per mtr 10
thickness of slats 19mm
minimum size of tube 159mm
fitting bottom rail(s) 1.1220 1.1278
size of grid cut-outs [mm] 100 x 70
number of grid cut-outs per mtr 3
air / light passage [%] 21

weight per m (m²) at 1,00 mm

aluminium 0,50 (5,0)
thickness of material [mm] 1.25 1.50