Rolltorprofile, Rolltorpanzer und komplette Rolltoranlagen

Test reports

Our roller door profiles have been approved in many testings:

  • Heat insulation:

    Approval according to DIN 52612 and DIN EN 13241-1 Anhang B   more »

  • Sound insulation:

    Approval of roller door profile 1.100 D in a range of product variants
    as well as roller door profile IsoPlus and 1.95 R according to DIN 52210 Teil 3 and  DIN ISO 140-3. more »

  • Gunshot resistance:

    A special version of roller door profile 1.100D was classified as resistance class M3-SF by the Beschußamt Ulm (Ulm Ballistics Agency). more »

  • Terrorism protection:

    A special version of 100D was tested for resistance to shock pressure of up to 2 bar by the Frauenhofer Institut für Kurzzeitdynamik (Institute for High Speed Dynamics).

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